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If you are in need of an expert exterminator then look no further than Rest Easy Pest Control for any all of your pest control service needs. We have been providing the best pest control services in Hicksville, NY for the past ten years.

New York’s hot and humid climate allows termites, cockroaches, spiders, rodents, and bed bugs to reproduce rapidly. But there is nothing to fear for the residents of Hicksville.

Rest Easy Pest Control makes sure your home is inspected by trained professionals who have years’ worth of experience. We will return your home to its true form.

an american cockroach on the floor

There are many types of pests which require an exterminator in Nassau County. Cockroaches, rodents, termites, and spiders are the most common ones.

Rodents and cockroaches are creatures who are constantly scavenging for food and seeking shelter. They can reproduce alarmingly fast if not treated properly.

Within weeks an army of cockroaches will most likely take over kitchens or libraries.

They contaminate food, ruin books, crawl into small spaces, build nests, and most importantly, harbor infectious diseases. Children who come in contact with these spoiled foods and items may fall sick.

Fevers and other diseases are possible because children do not have developed immune systems yet. Rodents also have an extra ability where they cut through electrical wires. They are one of the main reasons why electrical systems fail.

Common Pests in Hicksville, NY

Termites are insects which feed on wood. Since the suburbs are filled with wooden homes termites love to infest those areas. They form colonies and start eating away any wooden furniture and property.

They can cause immense property damage if not treated properly. Spiders are another nuisance. They are scary looking pests who construct webs in corners of households and near light sources.

Spiders are generally not aggressive towards humans, but they have tendencies of a predator. They eat prey that gets stuck in their webs near light sources and makes sure to leave a nasty mess of carcasses behind once they finish with their dinner.

Residential and Commercial Pest Control

People of these households try to eradicate these pests from their homes using home remedies. But they rarely prove successful. Obviously, people do not want their homes to be filled with toxic chemicals after an exterminator has come by.

We understand this issue completely. Our dedicated team of experts performs extermination effectively, and with family safe solutions.

We prioritize the health of our clients above all else. In commercial properties, we maintain utmost discretion so as to not disturb staff during working hours.

We also provide our services during weekends and night shifts so that our clients have the freedom to choose which service plan would be more convenient for them.

After extermination, we also educate the clients and staff members on how to take preventive measures so that further infestations do not take place.

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We have friendly employees who are up to date with new extermination techniques, and use safe solutions to ensure that you get the best services.

Rest Easy Pest Control also helps you take preventive measures against these insects. We will make sure you get your money’s worth by eradicating the pests from your home.***