What Are Top 5 Pests on Long Island?

Long Island is well known for its proximity to New York City, its gorgeous beaches, and its favorable weather. Unfortunately, like all other cities, this area is no stranger to pest problems.

house with large front yard

There are numerous pests on Long Island that residents have to deal with, but five, in particular, are more chaotic than others. Also, these five are active almost the entire year, not just in summer.

Here are the top five pests on Long Island, and what you can do to help identify, prevent, and eliminate any chance of an infestation.


Termites are small pests that can cause catastrophic damage. These tiny, nearly microscopic bugs work by tunneling into the wooden structures of your home.

Over time, they wear down the structural integrity of your foundation and cause a complete loss of property and millions of dollars in damage.

Unfortunately, it’s often difficult to spot and eliminate a termite infestation before it’s too late, and there’s little that you can do to prevent them.

Termites on the woods



Termites are attracted to wood and wood debris, so keeping your home clear of the brush can help reduce the likelihood of an infestation.


If you suspect an infestation, tap on the wooden walls of your house. If they are infested, the walls will sound hollow. You must work with a certified pest control professional to get rid of such an infestation.

Bed Bugs

Like termites, bed bugs are also difficult to prevent. You contract these pests when you travel, sleep in a hotel bed, sit in a waiting room chair, or even pay a visit to the movie theater.

bed bug on carpet

Bed Bug

They jump onto your clothes and hitchhike into your home, waiting until night falls to feed upon your blood. They leave itchy red welts all over your body, often staining your sheets with their excrement.

To get rid of bed bugs often requires extensive heat and chemical treatment. Few insecticides work on bed bugs, so it’s tough to conduct DIY extermination.


Crickets are probably one of the most annoying pests to have in your home because they make so much noise. These pests enter your home and can survive indefinitely.

The chirping noise is caused when males rub their wings together to attract females. They come into your home seeking warmth and moisture and are nocturnal. Once inside they can damage fabrics as they chew their way through them. Also, they can contaminate your food.

a cricket on the fabric


To get rid of crickets, remove them and their eggs with a vacuum. Keep your lawn mowed and weeded and make sure there is adequate ventilation in crawl spaces and basements.

Finally, make sure all possible entry points to your house are sealed to prevent them from entering. Luckily, crickets don’t bite and present few health hazards. They can easily be removed with mechanical methods.


Cockroaches are unpleasant home invaders, spreading a host of diseases like salmonella and even triggering asthmatic and allergic reactions in people who are vulnerable.

You might notice signs of infestation like coffee ground-like droppings, discarded exoskeletons, and a musty aroma if you have an infestation.

four cockroaches on a stick one is laying an egg


Preventing these pests is often as simple as practicing good sanitation, but if you have a full-blown infestation, you might need to hire a cockroach exterminator to clear them out.


Rodents are common all over the country, but especially in urban areas like on Long Island.


The most common rodent species, rats, and mice are attracted to poor sanitary conditions and open sources of food.


It’s possible for just about any home or business to develop a rodent infestation.

grey rat on white background


To get rid of rodents, make sure your garbage is disposed of regularly, and keep all areas near and within the home clean and tidy. Set snap or glue traps, and consider hiring outside help if the infestation becomes too massive to manage.

These are some of the most troublesome pests on Long Island. Sometimes simple things such as cleanliness, taking the trash out regularly, and just being aware of what is around your home can help reduce your chance of a pest infestation on Long Island.

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