Pest Control Manhasset NY

The best pest control in Manhasset, NY, is undoubtedly Rest Easy Pest Control; we have worked successfully for each of the hundreds of households that call in for infestation checks and still do from time to time. Starting with pests, and rodents, there may only be left with a few creatures which are still unknown to our team of highly-skilled exterminators in Nassau County.

While bugs, rodents, and spiders are few of our more common complaints, Rest Easy has had requests for exterminating bed bugs, rodent, wasps and stinging insects, birds, mosquitoes, and cockroach. After all, each pest has its own way of getting into houses and houses.

“We have the best exterminators in town who are highly trained. They know how to deal with pests, what products to use, and which instruments are the best at the job.”

The Unwanted Pests

For example, bed bugs usually get carried into homes from movement in public places like buses, parks, and stations. Rodents have agile and flexible bodies which allow them to get through the smallest cracks and openings in the house.

Rodents are also fast breeders so if you believe that only a single rat has gotten through the safety nets, the chances are that it has already mated and given rise to an entire clan of its species.

Birds, such as pigeons, have a different approach to a home invasion. They generally build their nesting areas on top of roof corners and chimneys and let the uric acid in their droppings do the rest of the work.

a pigeon on top of a building

This acid can eat through any form of the house structure, be it wood or cement, and enable birds to pour in through the gaping holes in the roofs and ceilings.

Another destructive element of bird droppings is that since they are usually wet and slippery, inhabitants and outsiders may slip and fall, resulting in possible serious injuries.

Best Home Pest Control

If you may be experiencing such a situation, then you are only a call away from Rest Easy Pest Control’s skilled exterminators who are specialized in certain bird control methods like bird nest removal, bird trapping, and exclusion. We also offer to set up spikes to prevent these birds from building nests in your house again.

Your home is your haven. Do not let these pests take away the sanctity and hygiene of your sanctuary. Do not let the safety of your family members hanging loose. Do not hesitate to call us for your pest solutions!***