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The one thing the residents of Muttontown have never had to worry about is pest control. Bugs, rodents, and spiders are common pests whose infestations we have had to deal with since we first began pest control in Nassau County. In fact, there may not be a single homeowner who never once had to deal with a pest issue in his or her life.

While Rest Easy Pest Control’s main aim is to exterminate these existing pests out of your houses, we believe that the best way to keep pests away from households is by increasing awareness about these common pests. The more you know about a problem, the more closely you can get to an actual solution.

In addition to bugs which only snatch away a good night’s sleep, rodents such as rats and mice are also common pests that tend to invade our households. Mice have the ability to transmit major infectious diseases to humans in the form of their urine, saliva, and feces which contains dangerous viruses and bacteria that they may have retained from their time in the sewers and rubbish piles.

Rest Easy Pest Control Muttontown

While we may have listed down the ways bugs and rodents may act as possible causes of the destruction of our home and household, it is also essential that you are made aware of the procedure we follow to get rid of these creatures. We follow a few simple but constructive steps in exterminating bugs and rodents.

First, we investigate. While Rest Easy Pest Control encourages its homeowner clients to make notes of the recent changes in the house such as any terrible stench, the existence of droppings of any kind, noises coming from any part of the house such as the ceiling, attic or even from inside the walls and more.

Our clients may rest assured that our exterminators enter the house, equipped to deal with any kind of pest issue. We investigate and take notice of all the factors which help us determine the kind of pest we are actually dealing with.

After we have successfully identified the pest, we move on to the second step of the process: an assessment. Here, we procure information about the house itself, under the basis of these characteristics: number of nesting areas, proximity to access points, the temperature of the living area and many more.

Now that we have gathered information about both the pest and the house it is invading, we are ready to move on to the third stage of the process. This is where we plan the outline of the treatment we shall be following to get rid of the pest.

different type of pests

It should be noted that Rest Easy Pest Control firmly believes in following an Integrated Pest Management approach in exterminating pests, that is, a non-medicinal one, which is both children friendly and pet-friendly.

While we do reserve the right to use treatment products which may contain hazardous substances, such as insecticides and pesticides, these products are used only in cases of extreme conditions and in limited measures.

Our fourth and last step are regarding the additional preventive measures we offer to provide after the house has been completely eradicated of any remnants of the pest in question. These measures are offered in order to ensure that the same pests do not get to enter the house via the same access points and hence, start the whole cycle all over again.

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Whether it is bugs such as fleas, ticks, moths, wasps, ants, bed bugs and termites or rodents such as rats and mice, we handle them all. Visit our website for further information or call us at our hotline service for any query regarding any pest issue. We are here for you at all times!***