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New York’s Long Island beholds many pest issues that only a highly qualified pest control service can get rid of- such as the one and only pest control Old Bethpage- Rest Easy Pest Control, situated in Nassau. Bugs, rodents, and spiders are neither unknown creatures nor are they easy to be exterminated.

In such cases, homeowners may possibly only rely on the skills and experience of Rest Easy Pest Control to get rid of any pest and to, additionally, ensure that necessary preventive measures are in place, in case these creatures choose to return.

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What are these pest issues we keep mentioning, anyway? In order to understand the functions of our company, it is essential to address the various kinds of pests we usually assist homeowners in getting rid of. Insects are probably the most common pests that find their way into homes and workplaces. Rest Easy Pest Control will send their highly efficient and skilled exterminators to determine the problem.

In the case of regular insects, we may go ahead with dust insecticides placed around floor areas while for flying insects, aerosol insecticides often prove to be the most effective. Only a thorough inspection may help us find the solution to the problem. The most important task is to seal down any possible entry points such as openings and cracks in order to prevent these pests from coming back a second time.a rat is looking for food on someone's backpack

The second most common and a lot more annoying creature is the rat. Rodents such as rat and mice are more dangerous than insects in the sense that they are more likely to pass on infectious diseases to humans and pets via their bites and urine. Since they usually take refuge in sewers and garbage areas, they are also in contact with several types of waterborne diseases.

The most common method of capturing rodents is through traps that may be set around in any part of the house. However, depending on the severity of the situation, our exterminators may take drastic measures, keeping in mind the safety of the family members and pets.  

Effective Pest Control Old Bethpage

While homeowners are generally more concerned with the repercussions of housing bugs and rodents, there are other wildlife creatures that, though not as common, may enter your house and cause twice the destruction. Like rodents, they carry high risks of transmitting diseases, although they may choose to enter your house through other areas such as the attic.

Again, it should be noted that different wildlife creatures pose different types of threat and therefore the procedure for removing these creatures differ as well. This is precisely why a professional pest control service, such as Rest Easy Pest Control, may be advised to be consulted with prior to taking any kind of action.

In addition to the aforementioned pests, we also specialize in exterminating other types such as termites and ants. Some of our other areas of specialization include honey bee swarm removal, raccoon removal & squirrel trapping, bed bug control, bat removal, bird control, birds nest removal, wasp removal, bumble bee removal, hornet, and yellow Jacket hive removal, carpenter bee, and honey bee hive removal.

We also offer additional services regarding the restoration of the attic and the cleanup of feces and other contaminating substances after the extermination procedure has been successfully performed. Chimney caps may also be installed and the attic vents may be screened as well.

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Pests are not a joke. Not only is it hard to live with pests, but it is also a tough task to get rid of them successfully and restore a house back to its former hygienic standards. We hereby promise to be by your side at every step of the process!***