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Welcome to Rest Easy Pest Control, the Nassau County Pest Control specialists! There are many sorts of irritations hoping to attack your home. Distinguishing your concern is the initial step in explaining it.

Give us a chance to drop by and inspect your home for nothing out of pocket to appropriately distinguish your vermin issue. Regardless of whether its bed bugs or rodents, Rest Easy Pest Control can free your home of these unwanted intruders.

Effective and Safe Method

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We utilize effective pest control techniques to free your home of these creatures. Using traps, we can securely expel a pest without hurting it. At the point when all creatures are expelled, sometimes, we can fix the passage opening, ceasing any further issues.

If you hear commotions originating from the storage room or soffits around your home, there is a possibility a squirrel or raccoon is getting in to make a home for itself. Call now to give us a chance to check your home.

We utilize a minimal measure of pesticides to take out your pest issues. For instance, utilizing traps rather than showers. Give us a chance to do a free in-home investigation to check whether a green administration will work for you.

But before that, we need to understand precisely what different varieties of pests and other infestations can create a problem in your home and business spaces.

The Unwanted Pests

Carpenter Ants

Range in the measure from ¼ into 1-inch long. They lean toward wet wood to manufacture homes. Other than observing live or dead ants, another sign is sawdust. They feast upon primarily on desserts. They are exceptionally hard to control. They can settle inside and out. If they’re outside, they can go inside your home from up to 100 yards away.

Solitary Wasp

Develops a home in the state of a tipsy turvy umbrella. They, for the most part, settle in drains or under edges, in outside light installations, normally dependably in a shaded region where shielded from rain.

American Cockroach

American cockroach grown-ups develop to an average length of around 4 cm. They are ruddy dark colored and have a yellowish edge on the body locale behind the head.

The creepy crawly can travel immediately, frequently shooting outside of anyone’s ability to see when somebody goes into a room, and can fit into little breaks and under entryways notwithstanding its genuinely vast size. It is viewed as one of the speediest running creepy crawlies.

Garments Moth

Garments moth nourishes on normal fiber just like fleece. Signs would be hatchlings like a case around garments in draws and storerooms and furthermore indications of openings in garments.

Act Quickly!

These are but some of the most harmful pests and rodents that can harm your property and the people living around you. Our exterminators at Rest Easy Pest Control are highly efficient in targeting these infestations and taking care of them.

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“Rest Easy Pest Control’s primary concern is regarding the health of the members of the household. Therefore we use safe and clean treatment methods.”