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We Use Effective and Non-Invasive Bed Bug Control

Here at Rest Easy Pest Control, we take the utmost pride in exclusively using pesticides that regulators have deemed safe and effective for NY bed bugs and all other pests.

two bed bugs on a palm

But not all pest control companies are so scrupulous in treating bed bugs. A Rutland, Vermont couple recently reached a settlement of $450,000 with an agency who hired an exterminator that used a banned pesticide in their home, rendering it uninhabitable.

As a result of the settlement, the couple has agreed to drop their lawsuits against several Vermont state agencies that they believed bore responsibility. The couple had sought help for a bed bug problem. And the exterminator they hired in April of 2013 apparently left surfaces that were “visibly dripping” with the illegal pesticide, chlorpyrifos.

This is an organophosphate pesticide that was developed by Dow Chemical in 1965 (trade names are “Lorsban” and “Dursban”) and has been associated with autoimmune disorders, neurological defects, and developmental disorders.

Exposure during pregnancy has been associated with mental retardation. Even though chlorpyrifos was banned for home-use in 2001, it remains one of the most commonly used agricultural pesticides.

Vermont couple recently reached a settlement of $450,000 with an agency who hired an exterminator that used a banned pesticide in their home

A Rutland, Vermont couple recently reached a settlement of $450,000 with an agency who hired an exterminator that used a banned pesticide in their home (Photo Credit: VPR)

After sensing that something was wrong, the couple called inspectors who told them their home had high levels of the banned (and potentially harmful) pesticide. This forced them to flee their house with their foster daughter and 16-year-old son—a son they claim lost 30 pounds from illnesses related to pesticide exposure.

According to the couple’s attorney, “this [the settlement] will allow them to start their life over with a little cushion. It’s been a difficult last few years for them.”

This fiasco underscores the importance of choosing the right pest control company—just because a bed bug exterminator has a license doesn’t mean they’re a legitimate professional. Rest Easy Pest Control has an excellent reputation for consistently doing quality work.


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Effective and Non-Invasive Bed Bug Treatment

At Rest Easy Pest Control, we have an effective and non-invasive approach to bed bugs that is far less effort for the client. There is nothing more upsetting than discovering you have bed bugs.

By providing canine and visual inspections, we can identify that you do have bed bugs, and then we can chart the depth of the problem quickly. This is an important first non-invasive step toward getting rid of these anxiety-causing, blood-sucking bugs.

a bed bug dog is doing an inspection for bed bugs

Bed Bug Dog Inspection

Bed Bug Dog Inspection

Rest Easy Pest Control is a dedicated team of a handler and a canine. Both handler and dog receive special training to become NESDCA (National Entomology Detection Canine Association) certified.

Bed bug dogs like ours are 95% effective in detecting bed bugs and bed bug eggs. The key here is the non-invasive approach, which does not require moving a lot of furniture around or you practically packing and moving out of the residence.

If we do not find bed bugs, then you do not have that problem, and we can move on to locating what it is that is causing an issue. If we do find bed bugs, we can help you with very little preparation for treatment.

Very rarely do we find massive bed bug infestations that require further prepping, so we ask that you follow our low effort instructions and let us evaluate and treat. Quickly and with less effort on the client’s part, regarding preparation, we can treat bed bugs effectively over a short span of visits.


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Why Over-the-Counter Foggers For Bed Bugs Are a Waste

Why Over-the-Counter Foggers For Bed Bugs Are a Waste, Rest Easy Pest Control, NY

For years, pest-control specialists have been warning that over-the-counter foggers for bed bugs are an ineffective exterminator for bed bugs. Now there is proof that they’ve been right.

A study by Ohio State University entomologists, published in the June 2012 issue of the Journal of Economic Entomology, determined that foggers (a.k.a., “bug bombs”) available to consumers are not effective in killing bed bugs, which have increased by as much as 500 percent in North American and other parts of the world during the past decade.

Facts About Foggers for Bed Bugs

Ohio State researchers tested three leading fogger brands purchased at a national retailer to see if they work as an exterminator for bed bugs. One of the foggers was labeled specifically for bed bugs; the other two were for “flying and crawling pests.” All three contained pyrethroids as their primary ingredient.

a bed bug infestation on the ceiling

Bed Bugs Infestation on Wall (Photo Credit: Rest Easy Pest Control)

“The nature of these foggers is such that they don’t penetrate in cracks and crevices where most bed bugs are hiding, so most of them will survive.”

– Susan Jones, Entomologist, Ohio State University 

The researchers conducted experiments in three rooms of a vacant building, using five different bed bug populations collected from nearby homes. As a control group, they also included a strain of bed bugs known to be susceptible to pyrethroids.

The three over-the-counter foggers had little to no effect on the five populations collected in the field. As was to be expected, the control group had a high mortality rate, but only if they were in the open—a finding that underscores the futility of using foggers as an exterminator for bed bugs, which are notorious for finding well-concealed, well-protected places to nest.

It’s very unlikely that bed bugs are actually exposed to over-the-counter foggers, and even if they are, many bed bug populations are resistant to pyrethroids, concluded OSU entomologist Susan Jones, one of the researchers.

“The nature of these foggers is such that they don’t penetrate in cracks and crevices where most bed bugs are hiding, so most of them will survive,” Jones said. “If you use these products, you will not get the infestation under control, you will waste your money, and you will delay effective treatment of your infestation. Bed bugs are among the most difficult and expensive urban pests to control. It typically takes a professional to do it right.”***

Why Choose Rest Easy Pest Control

We have had years of experience working throughout New York City, Long Island, and metro New York areas and our latest, effective techniques are incredibly useful in both apartment buildings, units, homes, and buildings.

As a local pest control company, you deal with our team directly, at all times, and we get the job done right the first time. Our process is effective and put in place, so the bed bugs go away! We can also develop customized, comprehensive plans to help prevent future bed bug infestations, whether your property is residential, a single unit or room, or an entire commercial building.***


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