How to Get Rid of Fleas from Your Dog


Facts About Fleas

Fleas don’t have wings, but they can jump seven inches off the ground. Given their height of roughly 3 millimeters, which makes them the second most prolific jumper in the animal kingdom (bested only by the prestigious froghopper). That feat would be the human equivalent of jumping over a tall building.

And like some blood-sucking Superman Bug, fleas’ bodies are incredibly durable—even if you have one between your thumb and middle finger and squeeze hard, it may not be enough to kill it.

Fleas are classic parasites, living exclusively off of their host—they quickly die on their own. Fleas infest humans, dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, rats, mice, and ferrets. A flea bite is like a mosquito bite: raised in the center and causing an itchy feeling.

Flea bites, however, often appear in clusters. And like mosquitoes, a flea can transmit diseases to their hosts. They generally live for two to three months, but they’ve been known to live for up to a year and a half.


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“Fleas infest humans, dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, rats, mice, and ferrets. A flea bite is like a mosquito bite: raised in the center and causing an itchy feeling.” 

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Rescue your favorite fur-ball from being a flea-ball

  • Fill a bowl or container with water, and mix some soap in.
  • Put the white paper on the floor. It’s white because fleas are black, and the contrast will allow you to spot fleas that are combed off of your dog easily.
  • Get a flea comb. It’s a specially made comb that is designed with closely set teeth to catch and pull fleas from wherever they’re hiding in your dog’s haircoat. Stand your dog on top of the white paper. Comb through the thickest part of their coat. If any fleas come off, submerge them in the soapy water quickly (to drown them).
  •  Be sure to comb through all of your dog’s fur, going over each spot at least a couple of times (especially the hind legs, armpits, and groin, which are a favorite flea hang-out).
  •  After combing out all the fleas, you can, get a flea shampoo (there are many brands available) and follow the directions, giving your dog a nice bath.

Following up the flea-combing with a flea-shampoo bath is a one-two punch that should ensure that your dog is flea-free for the foreseeable future.


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Get Rid of Fleas

These steps should significantly reduce the number of fleas on their body. But this won’t be enough, because there could be a flea in any of the spots your pet hangs out at. Vacuum these spots for best results. Also, baking soda is effective at killing fleas via dehydration.

But if you want to remove all doubt, get professional help. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to most flea infestations. Each one’s a little different and requires its unique approach. That’s why you want a company with lots of experience handling lots of different pest-control situations in homes and businesses.

For any pest control issue, your best bet is to call the pros at Rest Easy Pest Control. Your problem becomes our problem, and we take care of it fast so you can rest easy.***

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