Pest Control Valley Stream NY

Rest Easy Pest Control provides only the best pest control in Valley Stream. We take pride in the work we have been doing for the past decade, and our body of work statewide speaks for itself.

We have been working in Valley Stream for most of that time so that you could ask around about us for a review by one of our past customers there. Our main bases of operation are in New York and Long Island, which is where we send out our teams from once we’ve been contacted.

As a Nassau County Pest Control, we specialize in all the pests that are common to the region, amongst others. Some of these are bed bugs, spiders, bees, ratsants, moths, and mosquitoes.

“Our team of professionals is dedicated when it comes to making your home pest-free. We thoroughly inspect every nook and cranny of your household to make sure that no more pests are sneaking around.”

Professional Local Exterminators

Our years of working in the area have built us an impressive repertoire, which we would be happy to show you. In our years of operation, we’ve encountered everything, there is to see in pest infestations, and will be able to confront your head on without hesitation.

Our employees have collectively amassed decades of experience in the industry and pride themselves on their effectiveness. We will provide you with results as fast as possible, and of course, abide by all safety regulations that apply to us.

In fact, we often go the extra mile and over deliver on the rules, using just enough of a dosage of chemicals for example, instead of an amount closer to the legal limit. Our teams can do this because of their extensive training and experience in pest control Nassau after having worked for us for so long.

“In the long run, the best thing to do is to get in touch with an exterminator as soon as you suspect something has gone wrong. Do not doubt your instincts, or dismiss them.”

Rest Easy Pest Control won’t rest until your infestation has been taken care of. We don’t think there is any situation involving pests that is too big for us to handle or too small for us to dismiss.

Even if it’s just the one or two small insects in your home that are bothering you, we are pleased to send out a team from whichever office you are closer to, the NYC or LI, and have that taken care of for you. Every one of our visits includes an extensive bug proofing of the property to protect you from a future pest invasion.

Even if you don’t think there are any problems in the home, this is something worth considering getting done for your home. Like we always say, better safe than sorry when it comes to pest problems.

“It is always ideal for you to contact us as early as possible. In the long run, this saves everyone money and time and avoids you having to see your home in a state of utter disarray.”

Effective Pest Control Methods: Cockroach Removal and Rodent Control

The first step to pest proofing a home or business entails weather stripping all windows and doors that open outside. This is one of the most effective things you can do for your home to prevent an infestation down the line. It works against almost every common pest.

This includes small cockroaches, like American cockroaches or German cockroaches, and even larger pests like rodents. Weather stripping also has the added advantage of, well weather stripping. No more cracks or crevices for the cold to slip in or heat to flow out.

The final step to our bug proofing scheme includes giving you a quick rundown of pest control practices that you can start implementing in your home to avoid ever having to meet another uninvited guest.

Call Rest Easy Pest Control in Valley Stream to eliminate all your pest problems!***