Pest Control West Hempstead NY

Rest Easy Pest Control is the best pest control in West Hempstead, NY, for years. We are a Nassau County pest control company that has stayed true to its name. We offer our pest control and bug proofing services to all of Long Island. Call us whenever you need prompt pest control in West Hempstead.

We have a professional presence in West Hempstead for over half our tenure as a pest control service. You might have heard of our work from a neighbor or relative.

“Whether you are in an apartment in the city, a home in the suburbs or even a cabin in the woods, we guarantee that a pest control professional will be on the property within 24 hours of us being contacted about an infestation.”


We are headquartered in Long Island and have additional offices in the Big Apple. The dispersion means we have quick reaction times and can cover larger distances than we would have otherwise.

Whether you are in an apartment in the city, a home in the suburbs or even a cabin in the woods, it doesn’t matter. We guarantee that a pest control professional will be on the property at your soonest convenience.

Our employees have had rigorous training in the most up to date and effective pest control methods there are. When we are called on, the team which is closest to your location that specializes in your pest is determined.

“Our team of professionals is dedicated when it comes to making your home pest-free. We thoroughly inspect every nook and cranny of your household to make sure that no more pests are sneaking around.”

Pest Control West Hempstead: Effectively Eradicate The Unwanted Pests

Here at Rest Easy Pest Control, our employees have received intensive training in the most common pests in Nassau County. Coupled with the years of experience they’ve accumulated with us, they truly are unstoppable.

The pests we deal with include the likes of bed bugs, spiders, cockroaches, bees, rats, mice, ants, moths and also mosquitoes. We take on cases of every kind, minuscule or massive; we’re the ones for the job. Rest Easy Pest Control is behind you whether it’s rodents that have invaded your home or bed bugs that have somehow made it into your place of business.

termites swarming in front of a house

Termite Infestation

Termite Control

Noticed some termites on your walls? We are here for you. Infamous for their ability to ultimately compromise your home’s structural integrity, termites are a particularly hateful species to homeowners who are planning to sell.

Not only does the resale price of the home goes down, but termites also entail thousands of dollars in repairs for the damage they leave behind, not to mention extermination fees. Even a handful of missed termites can bring about another major infestation on the property.

Our team has termite specialists for this reason alone. We can guarantee there will be no second sighting of these despicable bugs in your home.

Cockroach Control and Rat Removal

Let’s move on to some (relatively) nicer territory: cockroach infestations. These are the most abundant infestations, therefore they’re easier to be dealt with, both for you and the exterminator. However, this does not mean they come bearing anything good.

These little critters make for substantial health risks to your family and pets that live with you. Kids are notably in danger with these roaches in the vicinity, and much more so if they are in larger numbers.

Pets commonly end up ingesting cockroach or its droppings could land them in the vet’s office. Sadly this also adds to your costs on top of everything else. These small bugs are actually some of the fastest insect species on the planet, American cockroaches have clocked speeds up to 3.4 mph, or 50 body lengths in a second.

This explains how and why these cockroaches can amass large infestations without ever once being spotted. It also makes them hard to catch without professional help. The same issue could happen with rat infestations too. Rats and mice can spread over 35 harmful diseases. They directly transmit diseases to humans through their saliva, urine, feces, and bites.

Effective Methods and Quick Response

Rest Easy Pest Control can take care of this business for you without ever alerting a guest to our presence. Call Rest Easy Pest Control to get rid of your pest problems in West Hempstead!

“Rest Easy Pest Control’s primary concern is regarding the health of the members of the household. Therefore we use safe and clean treatment methods.”