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Natural Ant Deterrents

5 Simple, Powerful Natural Remedies to Kill Ants These natural, eco-friendly and safe ant killers are as much effective in eradicating ants from your place as any other insecticide will [...]

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Ant Brain vs Human Brain

What Humans Can Learn from Ants Some of us might think that insects, like ants, aren't as intelligent as other animals, like mammals for example, because of their tiny brains. [...]

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Ants in the House

What Ants Don’t Want You To Know About Why They Love Your Kitchen If you want to stay away from ants once and for all, you need to know what [...]

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Ant Problem

How to Prevent Ants Invading Your House This Spring Springtime is when ants become more active and begin to look for a new area to grow their colony. It's the [...]

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Indoor Ants vs. Outdoor Ants

Types of Ants: Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor Ants The sheer number of ants in a single colony can seem overwhelming at times. If only one colony sets up shop [...]

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Carpenter Ants Infestation

How to Find Their Signs & Keep Them Away Carpenter ants are one of the most common insect pests found in homes, and its infestation is a more serious problem than [...]

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