Pest Control Westbury NY

Are you searching for a quality service provider for pest control in Westbury, NY? Look no further than Rest Easy Pest Control. We are great at what we do, having been at it for over a decade. Our Nassau County exterminators are of the most quality and don’t quit until the problems solved.

Our operations are based out of NYC and Long Island so that we can serve all of Nassau County effectively. You can always call Rest Easy Pest Control if you spot a pest infestation in Westbury, NY.

Our employees have had rigorous training in the most up to date and effective pest control methods there are. When we are called on, the team which is closest to your location that specializes in your pest is determined. Whether it be from the New York or Long Island offices, our employees are the cream of the crop.

We have had a presence as an exterminator in Westbury for a while now. You might have been referred to us by a previously happy customer, if so hello! We are a pest control company that is determined to help everyone we can. We provide our services to every corner of Nassau County; exclusion is not something we practice as a rule in this company.

Pest Control Service Team

Choose Professional Pest Control Service

When people notice a few bugs here or there, it’s usually no cause for concern. It becomes a problem when it’s the same kind of pest in different locations of the house. This often signals that they have been collecting somewhere on the property, a place you probably don’t check on for months on end and that the ones you’ve spotted are the scavengers out in search of food sources for the larger population.

We recommend contacting a pest control professional as soon as you suspect something being awry. Waiting to call can turn a simple day of work into a week, meaning your family will have to stay with friends or family during that duration.

It also multiplies your fees by a hefty sum. This including not only pest control fees but also any repairs you might have to make to the property or perhaps medical bills for the family or pets. The best thing you can do for yourself is to contact a professional as soon as you have the slightest doubt of an invasion.


Experienced Exterminators

People we hire are specialists in pests most common to the Westbury area. They’ve helped hundreds of families and business along the way with infestations of all sizes with our pest control services, such as ant removal, bed bug removal, rat removal, and bee removal in Westbury NY.

Pests we provide our services for include bed bugs, spiders, cockroaches, bees, rats, mice, ants, moths, and mosquitoes as well. In working with us, our employees have collected decades of experience amongst them.

When we receive a call from a client, depending on the urgency of the situation we arrive on the premises within hours or a day at most. Every minute counts in the context of an infestation, so we prioritize the cases that are further along and thus require more immediate attention.

“The biggest piece of advice we have for people is to not delay on calling a pest control professional once you’ve had an inkling that there might be something wrong.”

Effective Methods and Quick Response

It’s more important to reach a client that has unearthed a significant rodents infestation, than one that is just calling on a hunch or is just looking for a pest proofing. For the latter kind of case, arriving a day after the call will not have much of an effect on the outcome.

For the former, however, even an hour here or there can spell disaster. Quick response time is essential in the pest control industry. We can have a team prepped and ready to work within hours if the need arises, and after initial inspections, backup is sent if called on.

For over a decade now Rest Easy Pest Control has built a reputation for itself as an upstanding exterminator. We would love to continue to uphold our history of having safe and effective methods of working with you.***

“Rest Easy Pest Control’s primary concern is regarding the health of the members of the household. Therefore we use safe and clean treatment methods.”