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What Kind of Bugs Warm Weather Will Bring

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 What Kind of Bugs Warm Weather Will Bring?


Across the country, it’s been one of the hottest summers on record. This makes us curious as to what kind of bugs warm weather will bring. Unfortunately, even though most insects like it warm and reproduce more during hot weather, household bugs such as ants, termites, mosquitoes, and bed bugs also want to cool off in the shade of your home.

To put up a “no vacancy” sign for household bugs, you can take the following five steps to keep them from getting inside.

1. Mow your lawn regularly and keep vegetation (e.g., plantings) around your home trimmed. If you allow your yard to become an ideal habitat for common household bugs, it won’t be long before they’re making their way into their home through any opening they can find.

2. Check your yard for any signs of pests, such as wasp’s nests, burrows in the ground, or ant hills. Pay the most attention to areas around doors and windows. Sometimes you can temporarily take care of a problem with nothing more than a shovel and some dirt.

But if you decide you need to use store-bought pesticides—on a wasp’s nest, for example—you should know what you’re doing. If you mess up trying to spray a wasp’s nest, things can become very unpleasant very fast! And infestations in a yard are often so far-advanced that you need a pest-control specialist to ensure you completely remove the threat.

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3. Inspect your home for any openings that will allow household bugs in, such as holes in screens, broken glass in windows, gaps in door or window frames, or gaps around openings in the exterior, such as vent ducts or attic fans. Then do whatever’s required to seal up those entry points.

4. Keep your home clean. If you leave out food and drinks, you’re inviting pests to come on inside. They’ll be thankful, but you won’t.

5. Schedule regular preventative treatments by professional exterminators. A pest control specialist can inspect your home and yard for pests and remove any existing infestations. Then they will come back for regular pesticide treatments that will keep the would-be trespassers away from your home.

The Bottom Line

During the heat of summer, no one wants to share their cool, air-conditioned home with annoying and potentially unhealthy pests—and you won’t have to if you take the above precautions.

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