Beware of Hornet Sting in Spring

You should always consult with a local pest control service before trying to handle the problem on your own, especially since hornets are known for their aggressiveness.

hornet nest on the ground

Hornet Nest (Photo Credit: Rest Easy Pest Control)

You have a problem with hornets, not yellow jackets or bumble bees, hornets! Hornets are an aggressive species of wasps, and yes, they can and will sting when provoked.

If you think you have an infestation of hornets, you can tell if hornets are swarming around or if you recognize hornet nests. At Rest Easy Pest Control, we’re happy to assist you in determining whether or not your problem is due to a yellow jacket, bumble bee or the hornet.

In any case, you certainly wouldn’t want an infestation of any type around your home; this is why it is best to rely on the services of a bee removal professional to get rid of the problem for you.

You should always consult with a local pest control service before trying to handle the problem on your own, especially since hornets are known for their aggressiveness.

If you’re allergic to a hornet or bees, being stung is the last thing you want to happen.

hornets licking on strawberry jam

What Do Hornets or Wasps Eat

It is true that the hornet can come in handy when you have other pests that you need to get rid of.

They eat insects, and this enables you to control the population of pests in your home. They also eat nectar and sweet liquids, like soda or juice. So, be careful if you plan on having a picnic and bringing nice sweet liquids to the park.

If you recognize a nest close to your home, don’t take your time about getting rid of it, call us today. A pest control expert will be able to develop a plan to destroy control the problem and eventually get rid of the wasp nest.

Only a trained and qualified professional should attempt to relocate a hornet’s nest. If a hornet stings you, it will cause you a great deal of pain, some possible swelling, and redness. If someone is stung who is allergic to their venom, you might need to seek medical attention.


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Hornet Sting

A hornet infestation can become extremely dangerous very quickly. If you’re experiencing a problem with hornets you can always rely on the help of our pest control services to effectively eliminate the problem. At Rest Easy Pest Control we highly encourage you to let us deal with your hornet problem, so that you can remain free of being stung.

Hornets are very aggressive and they will sting if they feel threatened. Contacting a professional exterminator will enable you to remain safe and keep your loved ones safe from potential harm.

A severe allergy in regards to bee and wasp stings can cause breathing problems that must be quickly treated to avoid serious health complications or even death. In some cases, people must carry what is called an “EpiPen,” which is basically a needle that can be used immediately in the event of a sting.

This is because symptoms of allergy sufferers can sometimes be quick and deadly. They simply don’t have the time to get to a doctor. For those who have never been stung, and don’t know if they’re allergic, the possibility of being stung can be nearly as stressful, and even those who have been stung before can develop an allergic reaction.


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Treating a Hornet of Wasp Infestation

Hornet Nest

Hornet Nest

The first thing we will do is properly identify the type of hornet problem you are experiencing. This will help our exterminators to figure out the method they need to use in order to get rid of the problem.

They will then need to find their nesting area so that they can determine how to proceed in either getting rid of it completely or relocating it. In either case, it takes skill and precision to do it correctly. There are various methods used to treat a hornet infestation, toxic or non-toxic, aggressive or non-evasive.

The process is determined once the problem has been clearly identified and the extent of the problem has been evaluated. The process may include discussing the options with the owner of the property first in order to let them know what their options are.***





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